Farfetch'd really rare?

What have you experience the rarity of farfetched to be? I have had my game on all day checking nearby, monitoring 4 spawns at my house, used 6 incense and had a ~0.5mi short walk around my area (there is ice everywhere) and I have seen 0.

EDIT: I got one finally at my home

well, on one not that long walk i got 9 Farfech’d. Keep trying, and if you will not see all day just one Farfech’d, i guess it’s ok to complain to niantic

I have 6 until now, not so difficult to catch, biut I have been on the way to find them

I have contacted Niantic support - maybe there is a glitch with Farfetch’d spawns. How many spawns have you guys Seen?

Seven, six of them catched. Not so bad, but rare, as you say in the title…

I got 3 off an incense (they ran :frowning:), I got one walking on my street, then later two spawned at the same time at my house, so 6 in one day… pretty common.

But, they have never been called “rare”, they have been “regionals”.
I have a lot of Mr Mime, y only see them rare because they are found only in Europe.

The spawn rate probably changed when they went global.

I’ve seen a lot…almost every gym I’ve been to has one spawning around

Got home from work last night and there was three of them waiting for me to catch them. Now I’m sick of them, more common than Pidgeys where I am (south west Sydney Australia). All low IV though._

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I caught another one this morning- it seems like They have taken the rarity down a bit.

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Yep, I figure they’ve increased the Fafetch’d spawn rates. 55 seen so far since they dropped.

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I have seen like five at my house

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