Fairness and inclusion

As someone who is disabled I hope this gets to the right people, is there any way you can make it more inclusive? I can’t leave my flat so find it really difficult to hatch eggs or do most things which require walking
I love the game but it takes months for me to hatch an egg or earn a candy with my buddy
I feel really discriminated and I don’t think it is fair


Well, you know there are ways you can play this game in another way. But since the beginning this forum has decided not to discuss the ways to do this.
Its against the ruling Niantic has given to the players, and we want to stay legal.
Something else is what we do in private, but we dont want to discuss this here in public.

The way Niantic tweaked PoGO to accommodate play during pandemic lockdowns made it playable for homebound people. Now that they are rolling back those changes, there is far less game to play.

I might just go back to word puzzles.


I really don’t want to sound like a douchebag (I probably will anyway) but the single main focus point of the game is to go out and search for Pokémon, I don’t think they can make the game both inclusive for people who can’t do that and not destroy the point by letting you move around with a joystick or something for those who can

The pandemic was an exception because, well, almost nobody could really go outside, and they didn’t want people to stop playing the game, but if you still want to enjoy it then the only real way seems to be what bagguille hinted at


It’s like in bicycle-races… the one’s we have seen in the past, and there are some today which have an electric motor incorporated. Its not correct that both go to the same race, or at least both groups have to have their own clasification.
But I would never say that a bicycle with motor is illegal, it’s just different.

Im shure, both have fun…

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While I do have some empathy for your issue/problem @Unitypixie this site is not linked to and has no influence on Niantic.
As another poster mentioned the concept of the game is to go out and catch them all. Not everything in life can be made to suit everyone’s circumstances so you have to do the best you can however you can do it or chose to play something else.


Putting the fairness question aside for a moment, I wonder if Niantic’s effort to entice us to walk more has not produced the effect they sought? They’re now simply forcing us to walk if we want to finish research tasks … in all three categories (‘today’, ‘field’, and ‘special’). “Walk 1km” and “Walk 2km” tasks are everywhere.

While we can toss the field research tasks to look for another, that option is not there for the other two types of research.