Failed Last Regirock raid due to connection/wasted poke coin on raid pass

20-25 minutes before 1,for all raids to turn into Zapdos moltres and Articuno I met up with a raid group First Regirock ran from my balls with the free daily raid pass and the second one we went toow with 13 people had gotten about a quarter of health before I was met with a failed to login screen ,everyone else continued to battle as I frantically hit Retry as I don’t have regirock and was trying to catch him so bad :frowning: well needles to say due to this error I couldn’t log in and now 20-30minutes or so later I still can’t log in I’m getting failed to authenticate issues… I would like a refund of my 100 poke coins for the raid pass so I can at least try another raid for the legendary birds today and if possible a regirock transfered to my account because I missed out twice now on regirock due to this error today and about two days ago…same thing happened…now regirock gone and I tried so hard this past week it’s not fair.

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Additional info one of my raid group friends said there was a lvl 48 in the battle and your not allowed to go that high and now hes unable to log in either thinking it has to do with the hacker ,I can’t even visit the poke trainer website to change my password it’s being blocked…help :confused:

ugh man… First screenshot ,didn’t have regirock tho but u can see this happened two minutes before the other screenshot…and the timer hit 0 I screenshot that one

You should go to PoGO support with this. There is nothing any of us can do for you here.

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I get that annoying msg several times a day. Only Happens on PTC account.
The only way I’m able to log back in is the following.

  1. Select the Try Different Account
  2. Don’t go to your Pokemon Go Game settings and try and log back in at that point
  3. Shut the App down completely
  4. Restart App
  5. Now go into your Pokemon Go Game settings and select the Option for Loging into your account
  6. Hopefully the game re-starts and you back in.
    What I’ve also found is any mistake I make in re-inputting my Trainer Name and Password gives an authentication error and it will keep doing it even when I get it correct a second time. Shut App down and start all over again fixes that.

Beyond that sorry I cant help

Wow, you fall in the category of poeple who wanted a month of each regi and still don’t have one?!

It sucks to lose a raidpass like that, but that happens to many people at least once. I doubt you’ll get any refund.

Youve used a premium raid pass on Regirock when birds are active?!

under the motto “don’t have regirock yet (and most likely did have the birds)”; yup he did :smile:

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Please dont get mad, but taking tauros to regirock raid? Really? Dont be cheap, raid couple machamps

I must have missed where anybody mentioned tauros…

And whoever gave the idea that beating regirock meant having it? Beating regirock is a veritable cakewalk compared to capturing it… Mewtwo is way easier to capture (the bigger challenge for mewtwo is getting the EX Raid invite). I watched the most experienced player in our area throw 8 consecutive ‘Excellent’ curveballs at a Regirock (most of them golden-raspberried) only to have it escape every time. (And he mused that what I saw seemed normal by his experience.)

Tauros is visible in a screenshot of OP, its obviously off topic, but it really annoys when people use whatever instead of trying to at least make effort and participate :man_shrugging:

I do however agree that regirock was pain in buttocks to catch and my catch rate is the lowest of all 3

Regirock is rather easy to hit compared to things like Lugia, and you should be able to catch around 2/3 Regirock if you throw like me (and like 9/10 or even more if you actually land excellents)

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I lied, registeel was worse for me, and only 1 regice ran on me

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Ah, now I notice (thanks for the explanation). I hadn’t bothered to enlarge his screen shot, since the Regirock, 0 timer, and network failure were all clearly visible at the size the screen shot renders in-line in his comment.

Of course, how do we know he didn’t nickname his meanest Machamp “Tauros-84” for hack value? My strongest Articuno is called “Pidgey” just for fun…

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Hey guys so Taurus is one of my best ived Pokemon right now I don’t have anything hire then tyranitar maxed at 2200+ cp I try to do the best I can in raids ,but anyway I can’t seem to get a regirock for the life of me…tried again today and he ran so I’m just screwed…:confused: Thanks for replys

Just save yourself 40k dust and be patient for a bit until you make best friend, Im pretty sure there a tons of people out there that keen to get rid of their crappy legends. Now its too early to speak what value regis might have in the pogo future but for now its safe to say you havent lost much, go out more often during this event and catch every geodude in your way, golem is still 2nd best and keeping in mind that smack down is legacy move, golem is still MVP. Even though you wouldnt want to spend dust trading it, all you got to do is be patient and Im more than sure Niantic will bring them back at some point

Machamp isnt a normal type

Dont use Pokemon with high IV, it doesnt mean anything when the level, Pokemon,or both are bad
Go for high CP counters (Machamp, Hariyama, Vap in this case) instead

Regirock i found to be the most difficult of the 3 to catch. Take your time when you catch all raid bosses. You spent hard earned money on the raid pass. Take your time. I see too many people in my town go too fast and waste their pass and not catch it. Use lockdown method. Give it a berry, hold down on pokeball till you get circle to great/ excellent size then let go of pokeball and wait till it attacks. As soon as it starts to attack wind up a curve ball and throw. I catch 90% of my pokemon using this method. On lost raid passes contact niantic and they’ll refund it as long as its not a free pass. Theres always trading as well

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