Faction change plz

Why cant we get a one time faction change to either be on the same team as family or friends. It wont break the game. im lvl25 my area has nobody my faction when i started. i put alot of money into this game and i dont want to start over because i choose crappy team instinct.

  1. Dont complain here, this is not Niantic support
  2. Why not try to hook up with other Instinct members? Even smaller towns have multiple people in each team

That won’t happen, so either play as instinct or start over…lvl 25 really isn’t that high to be starting over. I started another account when the game was getting boring and it’s already level 30. I put no money into it and usually don’t play it more than 5-10 minutes a day (keeping the streaks alive and maybe a raid with the free pass)

Also, my main account is lvl 39 instinct. We are greatly outnumbered. Some of the strongest players in my area are instinct. My point is your team doesn’t prevent you from succeeding in the game

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Level 25 is 710,000 XP total. You can get that whitin 3 days during this double XP event. The only reason not do do it would be because you miss out on the previous legendarys.
A global 1 time team change might actually just do break the game.

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