Facebook linked account - unable to log in

I created a Facebook-linked account on my iPad. I’m tired of lugging around the iPad, so I purchased a 2nd phone to play on. I can’t seem to log into this account via either iPhone or Android phone even though I am logged into Facebook. Error message is ‘Account not found’…it doesn’t seem to be asking Facebook for authorization (as other FB-linked games do)

Has anyone else run into this?

I never created a PTC password, as I created the account as linked to FB. Now I can only use it on the iPad that I created it on

No idea, I have a PTC but I haven’t linked it to Facebook or Google.

And it seems to me, that I have done well in not to do so…

Not an expert at this stuff, but you signed out on the iPad, right?

I tried that, but I really shouldn’t have to. I commonly log into my iPad (on my other/Google-connected account) to check IVs while still in the account on my phone.

Thanks for your idea

Possibly so. Or at least create the PTC account with a password an THEN link it to…

Still lugging around the iPad…plus a brand new phone that currently has no use

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