Extreme weather - reasons

i opened Pokemon go and i recieved this notification. Reason:“code oranje boor extreme hitte” translation: code orange for extreme heat. It is only 24* C with a max of today from 29* C. Have you had a weird reason for the extreme weather popup?

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Wondering why it’s not here in France. I’m melting.

I don’t know. I understand it for Greece at the moment because of wildfires but honestly living ~600km away it isn’t that hot.

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We have some wildfires atm in the Veluwe National Park (between Utrecht, Nijmegen and Zwolle) but that is, I think, 80 km further.

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for dutch standards the current weather ís extreme, very extreme even. We have records dating from 1976 being crushed by the current drought. And although good weather / heat is not normally considered extreme, what we have now is extreme for sure.

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Its different per country. The standard in The Netherlands for extreme hot weather is probably a bit different from France, since youre more to the south and its usually warmer there.
Extreme weather messages ingame are based on weather institutions alerts in the country itself. Not from a global standard Niantic drew up.

The current warning for extreme heat says it could get 35 degrees celcius or up (thats 95 Fahrenheit for our US friends). For most healthy people, thats not really a problem, more an inconvenience. The alert is for young children who themselves wont notice their skin is in danger untill its to late, so their parents need to be on alert. And for old people, who just cant handle high temperatures very well.

For us pokemon players it means: Use sun cream, and maybe wear a hat :wink:


Yeah,It is very very sunny.

Here are 41 degrees at midday, but without any warnings…

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Same here…

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Its only 110 degrees farenheight where I live. Or 43.3333 Celsius. Yet I receive the popup.

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Extremly dry since May, very high uv rate and temperatures that are very rare in the Netherlands. That’s the reason we have the weatheralert.

Allmost forgotten, there was also the chance of heavy rain and Thunder. This happened in 2 city’s.

In the artical the reporter speaks about a “windhoos”, a short during small type tornado. It could have happened, but the damage of the photo’s shows damages more in Line of a very heavy downburst.

Explained: tornado VS Microburst(downburst)
1 personen died last night.:pensive:

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People are dropping dead in my small village from heat stroke so it’s not ideal to come here.

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