Extreme weather needs to go

At the moment its snowing quite a bit in the Netherlands. Unfortunatly, every bit of snow falling causes our weather institutions to go in panick mode and it shoves out a weather alert, code yellow orange or red. Red actually warents real world caution. Orange only when its freezing (slippery on the road when driving a car). Yellow can be ignored all together.

For me however none of these alerts should have an impact on PoGO. If its to bad weather to go outside, people will just not go outside. And if they do… so what? You should be rewarded for walking arround in the cold, not have some warning tell you that pokemon dont like the weather.

The weather settings and pokemon who like them are just introduced. It makes zero sense that they wouldnt like their extreme variant of that weather setting.

Its snowing, but ingame all i see are green fields, buildings, and that ugly red exclamation mark telling me i shouldnt play right now.


Just imagine going out in extreme blizzard and finding a Kyurem
Now that would be awesome, not camping at sponsored gyms and praying to get a damn invite

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More than agree. It’s snowing mildly here, but the temperature is just above freezing, so the snow melts the moment it hits the ground. It isn’t even slippery outside.
However, weather forecast stations here are a little trigger-happy on sending out alerts. In a country like Norway, they’d probably call our forecasters dramaqueens, and tell them to find another job. So, I’d REALLY like any and all weather alerts for the Netherlands to be put on ignore for the app. At worst, when it’s below freezing point, it might get a bit slippery, which affects cars and bicyclists more than people walking around playing PoGo. That’s also who these weather alerts are primarily directed at: people driving motorvehicles and bicycles, with maybe a note for the elderly to be careful not to fall.

If the wind blew at 10 Beaufort, I’d understand a warning for falling branches. This happens maybe twice a year.
We don’t have hurricanes here.
We rarely have twisters (and then only small ones, upto about 20 meters in diameter, which rarely last for a greater distance than 2 km)
I was about 10 years old the last time it was -15 degrees celsius.
More than 10 centimeters of snow? About 7 years ago.
The weather simply is never extreme here.

I imagine the Niantic occasionally throwing in a weather alert here to balance our pokemon aquisition with people living under harsher conditions, but it’s quite ridiculous now.

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oh come on… i’m a polar bear at heart, and right now its 30°C (86°F) and what i wouldn’t give for some snow right now :frowning:

but that said, y’all make a might fine point here

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Hey, guy from Norway here, it’s about 25 cm snow here and no one cares cause that’s just how winter is, and it’s even unusually calm winter. But… Niantic seems to think its “Extreme” so we have not yet to see any weather bonuses, though it does know what weather we have, cause the effects are present. So i have no idea what it is that makes them set it to extreme. Local weather stations don’t seem to freak out either.


Hmm thats interesting. The weather stations in the Netherlands freaking out over snow is nothing new. But if you have no standing weather alerts in Norway but still you get extreme weather, im really curious where Niantic gets their information from.

PoGoHub suggests the “extreme weather” in western Norway is caused by an avalanche warning, but if that is the case, we will have “extreme” weather till spring…

We have no local alerts atm in Norway, but I guess there is some global standards that they’re following

But it makes no sense for that to cover most of the west-country. Places where avalanches happen are abandoned for all but roads, wich are either spesifically avalanche protected or not usable in winter. No one is going play PoGo in those areas anyway cause there usually aren’t even nett coverage to play there.

It’s a public liability issue for Niantic. All it takes is for them to not place a weather warning in game & one person / Trainer to injure themselves (be it due to chasing mons during a storm or becoming hypothermic because the went out in -15 degree weather to catch something) and they could face legal action through being liable for the injury because there weren’t sufficient warnings placed to basically say “stay inside or you may hurt yourself”.
If these warnings aren’t placed in game then people will sue Niantic, then suddenly this free to play game is no longer available because they didn’t take sufficient measures to make sure people don’t injure themselves.
Unfortunately the world is highly a highly letigious place & Niantic have to take proactive steps to protect themselves.
(If you can’t tell, these situations annoy me :rage:)


I know, right? I hope they’re mistaken and we’ll get in-game wearher soon

Thats fine if it works that way in the US, but that stuff wont work atleast in the Netherlands, and i dont think it works like that in most (if not all) of Europe.

Maybe its time for Niantic to switch to a EU based location :confused:

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The extreme thing is kinda crazy, like we don’t know our own weather? But it is basically saying, we aren’t going to give weather bonuses at this time, otherwise, things are as they were. So don’t over think it. Be glad the game is evolving. They seem to be listening to the critiques and making some tweaks here and there. It’s all good!

Imo they shouldnt spend this much time on new features and fighting spoofers if they dont fix all the damn glitches first

And Im not saying that just because I myself am worried about the next banwave (maybe 5 100IV Mons a day can seem suspicious)

A better idea for Niantic: put a warning at the start of the game telling people not to endanger themselves in extreme weather, then we do not need it.


Here in San Jose, California, Pokemon Go is showing extreme weather, but it’s warm and sunny. Accuweather is showing a Red Flag Warning because it’s windy and it has been very dry. The hills around here have a high fire danger alert, but that just means don’t start fires outside and watch for smoke if you’re hiking. Downtown San Jose isn’t in danger, but Niantic thinks it is.

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What I said in the chat, it nothing to do with the reality

Weather has been awesome for me, but it also doesn’t snow where I am. I have a feeling hurricane season next year will be annoying for pogo purposes, because as many have mentioned weathermen are dramatic and love hearing themselves talk.

I love the idea of weather, but definitely sounds like they need to tweak it a bit. I’m sure they’re worried about liability if some morons hurt themselves or someone else trying to play in a blizzard or wildfire or whatever else.