EXraid surveys questions

So everytime for the past few invites when a new wave is sent out, GOHUB posts a link to a survey with a few questions. I have a few questions about those questions.

1: Why is it the Champion badge thats asked after regarding number of raids done? Why not Battle Legend, or why not both?

2: Is there a place where we can see the results of these surveys? I must have filled out 10+ by now so im interested in the results of these surveys.

Those surveys mean nothing. Collecting data on something that is random.

I have gotten every Ex Raid except the one that was a double up(still had a ex)

The way to get ex pass:

  1. find sponser/park
  2. only raid there
  3. raid some more
    4)raid all levels 1-5
    5)Drop pokemon in the gym

if the gym is very popular your chances are lower. Pretty simple. It’s all random but if you recieved one before then you will again as long as you follow steps 1-5

I personally only raid where i already got ex and i keep getting.

Never give up. Your turn is coming.

edit - Even with survevy results it mean nothing since it all falls down to your account and how much you have raided.

I know how to get the passes, ive got 8. I helped organize an event for my city so everyone could get one. Im just curious about they surveys.

The survevys probably show 90% people not getting. Since Go hub is for more of the trainers who seek help than give help.

Lol, did one single raid at a gym, got a pass today

It’s very noticable that IF you got one before you’ll get another. I personally been told by niantic that i would get more and not to worry.:smirk:

Same here…first time I had ever even spun the gym before the raid and I got a pass

Aslong as your within the 40 mark of candidates you will get it. Shoot for rooms with 20s. Hopefully you get more.

I got my 3rd Ex Raid Pass, but I can’t make it to my Ex Raid
School situations

Skip school.

Let somebody do it for you?

I got tired of not seeing the GoHub’s results, so I started compiling my own data from the local raid group. The March 17 passes it seemed like anybody who did any one raid at the location got a pass (including myself), but this March 23 passes favor those who did a smaller amount of raids at that location (so I got left out). The March 23 passes may also be favoring those with silver gym badges (maybe some bronze but unsure) from what I’m seeing from my very small sample size - no gold gym badges from the group I have thus far.

I recommend doing the same as you will see some trends until Ninatic messes it up lol.

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I got my pass at a new location butttt i knew it had a 1 in 3 chance of being Ex location. Those maps really help. My regular mewtwo spots aint give nothing. Not to sure if you can get multiple Ex in different locations for same day without it being a glitch…

All the Families 4 are Gold on the Gym we have Ex Pass for the 24th.
All are Bronze for the one I have today in 12hrs.


All my badges silver. Except 2 gold ones which are ex locations.

edit- There arr two differential scheduels and its as if niantic trynna make a third which is the one thats messing up and collaliding with the first. Rn i have both 1st and 2nd scheduels. The third is more for new gyms and lower lvl trainers thats why it so corrupted and random.

Got an EX pass from a gym I raided for the first time this past Wednesday…had never even spun it before

This survey confuses me too. Our situation is the following: either 95% of people who raided at the gym get an invitation or (like this time) there is no Ex Raid at all although we fullfilled ‚Äėthe requirements‚Äô. We have two (maybe now just only one again) Ex Raid gyms and our group migrates weekly from one to another (when one is on ‚Äėraid block‚Äô we trigger the other gym). This second gym just got our interest three weeks ago so we were just able to trigger the Raid once. But our first gym got it‚Äôs invitations regularly.

So, if there is no Ex Raid at all but it should have been one due to our ‚Äėweekly ritual‚Äô am I allowed to fill out the survey?

And what would you do? This gym got one invition out of two trys. Would you try it a third time or search another place?

I got one today - so hyped