Ex raids are junk

Just did an EX raid today at a spot I hit up everyday… I was using my son’s account which is only level 27, I didn’t get an invite even though me and him did the same Wailmer raid. I get there early and am waiting around to see if anyone shows up and only 4 people showed up ranging from level 27-30… needless to say that we didn’t have enough people… When is Niantic going to fix this issue and do it on weekends when people have more available time or make sure enough people are invited

The ex-raid systeem should be gone anyways.
But i don’t think it would be great idea to move them to just weekends. Atleast for me I can’t currently raid on any other day than monday - friday as i’m a rural player without a car. I think it would be better atleast to fix the times.

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You can see how many people joined on the screen when you are in the battle. You can have up to 45 minutes until it is ended.
And how is it going? So you cannot beat the Raid Boss?

We all were standing around and it was only 5 total and when we jumped in i could see everyones level… My son was level 27 and the others were 28,29,30,30… I maxed out all his pokemon I could and we still didn’t have enough people/time. I posted to all the facebook groups I could and all of the discord groups, no one responded to anything saying they were coming or even had a pass for that raid

We failed at to even get his a sliver away from beating him… We did pretty good and got him down to around 1/4 life left but still didn’t have enough. I am upset that they give these raid passes in the afternoon on a weekday when they should think " Maybe some of these people are kids going to school or have a job that this won’t allow them to call in sick or just not show up to their job just so they can catch a pokemon".

I probably sound like a whiner but when you take the time out of your day and bust your butt to get a pass and then finally get one to show up and no one is there… how is that fair? Chances are that it will be a while before my son gets another EX-raid pass…

I work Monday-Friday 2nd shift so mornings work well for me but not for other so the only other option that works even better is weekends for me when alot of people are off. I get that most people can’t get out on weekends, work or have no means of transportation… But I agree EX-raid should be tossed in the trash and just give everyone a week to catch him in a normal 5-tier raid

Well, your son actually got a pass, so he’s a step closer than I ever was

But I agree, ex raid system is trash


I dont like EX Raids anymore because i have 14 Mewtwo…they are worthless…

Just wait for a new boss ffs

So why keep raiding at EX locations then? Maybe do some raids at non EX gyms.
And remember there are still trainers who don’t have Mewtwo yet so perhaps don’t complain that you’ve been lucky enough to have caught 14.
Lastly if you’ve got too many, delete some.

I will never transfer Mewtwo

You will never transfer MewTwo but say they are worthless.

There is no one day or time that will suit everyone. As a Shift Worker that rotates Shifts every week the Mid Week Raids are a Lottery when it comes to times. I couldn’t do last weeks or tomorrows as the times when I’ll be at work. If the times had been in reverse order I would make it to both. I got lucky with next weeks being a 5pm Raid I can make that after work.

The best suggestion I’ve seen so far is to have the Mid Week Ex Raids on a one week rotation then the weekend ones on a 2 week rotation.
e.g. Mon-Fri = 5 Ex Raids, Sat x2 - Sun x2 = 4 Ex Raids.
One thing I suggested was that MewTwo Appears on the Gym from 9am-9pm and let the people sort their own groups and times out that suit them through social media platforms .

The real question here is how do you find these threads? Its been inactive since 18th of January…

Probably he found out ‘Suggested Topics’ at the bottom of each topic.

I still have never gotten a EX-Raid pass.

I have gotten a few EX raids which is nice but the last few didn’t work… The one i missed was when they had that whole screw up of locations you raided in the summer, well the one was over an hour away from me which i wasn’t going to drive that far for a EX raid.

The last one i missed because it was at 5pm CST and i was at work, now the one today i posted on facebook and Discord and absolutely no one responded… I waited for 5-10 minutes after hatch but had to leave cause i had to work in 30 minutes. Dropped of the girlfriend and drove back and still no one was there but one car…

Could keep rejoining and trying. Using strongest mons over n over. Not so much Niantic fault more so the people who got Ex who didnt show up.

It’s almost a guarantee win if 6 or more trainers are there. Plus Mewtwo is rather easy to catch seeing as its % is highrr than most other raid bosses. I find tyranitar to be way way much harder.

But seeing as no one joined, thats the lame part of raids. You rely on other trainers. I believe raids should be adjusted when it’s lower amounts of players. Either add more time or less health on the mon, but still have it to a difficulty that it seems like your trying.

Especially Ex that would be even better. I have battled about 10 Mewtwo. 1 Disconnection. 2 without enough people. So best believe i know how it feels without getting Mewtwo. Keep trying. Never give up. Once you know were Ex location is your always gonna have more chances. Don’t forget it’s random, thats why your child got Ex and you didnt.

ex- wow this an old af thread close this thing stop posting in old topics!

@JoshHack @Thorend

Yeah i mean i would have tried to do it with the people we had but there was only 1 or 2 people there and it was pouring rain… I tried jumping in to see if they would jump in and nothing… If it was only me going at it then i had no chance at all and who knows what levels they were so that wouldn’t have helped either.

Niantic didn’t screw up i guess its more or less the people that didn’t respond or had to show up later than what i could stay for. But regardless i am not upset about it since I already have 3 or 4 mewtwo it is just sucky when you go there and was to get a better one and can’t because no one shows up.

For city players struggling to get an EX pass that would be fine. But for rural players that still doesn’t work, because our battle system works entirely on combined power, not skill or level. It doesn’t matter how much XP you have or stardust you power up pokemon with, you can’t solo a legendary raid.

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Well i meant there was 2 other people there so if they did jump in and without knowing their levels or how powered up their pokemon were i didn’t think we had a chance at all. Plus with me being the only one in the lobby with no one jumping in at all i wasn’t about to waste potions and revives cause i knew i couldn’t take it down myself

We have quite a few in my local group doing MewTwo with 3. You need very strong Powered Up types for this.
The Ex Raid at 5pm this afternoon that I cant make due to being at work has all of them at the same Raid at the same time. 3 Groupings are having a 3 man Teams race today. Looking forward to seeing who the winning team is.

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