Ex Raid Problems

People, since there is a lot of people who have received an Ex Raid pass from the past before. I of course received one. Hopefully everyone gets one if they didn’t received one before. If in case you can’t attend an Ex Raid and it already ended, Niantic should give you about 1,000 Stardust, 10 Premium Raid Passes, 5 Star pieces, and 20 Max Revives.
What do you think??
Many of you might disagree with me. It’s ok, it’s my own personal opinion

My only problem with the EX Raid is I’ve never gotten a pass.

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If you cant attend one, just have someone else play for you

Those rewards seem a bit much, especially the 10 raid passes, and personally, I don’t think Niantic needs to give out anything as it’s not their fault you can’t make it

I know. I respect your opinion. Since people uses a lot of raid passes in Ex capable gyms and recieved one, they don’t attend. Other people who play in their accounts is a better choice than doing nothing. Missing an Ex Raid meanwhile spending a lot of raid passes was kinda useless. The rewards and the Pokemon are useful though. I’m sorry if I said anything wrong. Have a great Day/Night

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What about just boycotting ex-raids to give a clear signal to Niantic that they should simply reconsider the mechanism entirely?

Officially not allowed, but its the only time i dont have a problem with account sharing. It is Mewtwo after all and the system is kinda annoying to plan arround and completely unforgiving if you cant make it.

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Niantic wit the ban hammer says different. As if Pokemon Go is a full time job.

You cant get banned for letting somebody play for you like this

You can. Its account sharing. Havent heared anyone get banned for it, especially not if it just once for Mewtwo, but they could ban you if they want to.


Yes, it is against the ToS, what I mean is that there is no real way to detect it, especially if its just for one raid

We had two people who got shadowbanned for letting someone else do their Mewtwo raid, they were over an hour away from the raid and didn’t wait long enough after the raid

You want more raid passes? Is there a way to transfer items to other trainers? You’re welcome to have a dozen or two of mine if you like; I’ve got a hundred or so more than I’m likely to use.
(This was meant for TheFazbearGamer1; I don’t know why it went to BasassFroslass, instead)

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Thats softban, and thats not be because of different accounts but because of irresponsible playing

Wouldnt trust no one on my account. Let alone do a rare Mewtwo raid. Rather miss it or spoof it.

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Same, only person who I would trust enough with my account is my gf, and she cannot catch Pokémon if her life depended on it lol. Would rather not have Mewtwo as seen on my Pokédex leering at me every time I went through it