EX raid pass help start time

It says be there between 1-145 so is that when the egg hatches or when the raid starts

When the raid starts.

So that when I can fight it not when the egg up

Egg is there for one hour, raids last 45 minutes
So it cant be the egg time, its the raid time

Be there early. I usually go Ex raid 1 hour early to get the gym and to make sure im in first raid group. Usually takes less than 1 minute to beat Mewtwo so if you miss the intial big group of raiders then it’s much more difficult to get a decent size group. Good luck with your raid.

Decent size is 10 people for mewtwo

Can be done with lower but for speed 10 is good. I usually go in with 19/20.

I done it with 6 tho.


Thanks all it’s my first one hope I get it


Don’t you split your group into similar sized groups, sorted by teams? Sounds quite barbaric in your group :scream:

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Nice to see this topic, as I just got my first EX Raid invite. Might even be able to make it to the place. The tips here from experienced EX raiders are appreciated.

Okay so don’t spit up teams this is been a lot of help I appreciate it

Just split up teams only if there is over 20 people raiding. It also helps to go by teams to get more rewards/balls per player

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At all of the raids I’ve been to we were able to split into one group for each team, and that way if someone is running late and one of the teams are waiting anyone in a rush can join a different team

Ok think I’m getting how all this works

We do red and yellow together and blue by thereself because there are not enough red and yellow and too many blue

Our group meets like 15 minutes before the Ex-Raid battle time starts (before the egg hatches). I have the list of all participants, so we could wait if somebody is late on time (due to traffic or work or similar reasons). We normally split into five groups: two red, two blue and one yellow. And the most important point: we battle the gym so it is white before the raid starts, so no team has an advantage or disadvantage. Everyone gets the same amount of balls and we avoid arguments.


We alternate red, yellow, blue I fortunately go at my only ex raid on the time it was my colour red

Didn’t get any ex raid pass again.:persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

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I did not get him weather boost hurt me but thanks for all your help guys

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