Ex Raid Level Change

Ex raids levels should be determined by how many people are in the raid room. Also Ex raid passes should be able to be used throughout the entire day of that scheduled Ex Raid. It’s not like Ex gyms get normal T1-T5 the same day all the time,usually it resumes normal raids the following day. No longer would you need to rearange your schedule or even raid with anyone.
Still would be dificult to raid alone, but gives you the option.
This would help out trainers who work or are to busy at the time an Ex Raid is going on.

With the level changing depending on members it will have many different difficulties.

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Trainers are almost guaranteed a catch whenever they receive an Ex pass. The only problem is usually actually attending the Ex Raid itself.

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I think your right


Not whole day but we should get more time
But actually they should just make all ex raids on sundays so most people can go

People have church. They should make a poll for each person to say when in the next week are the people eligible to go.

Maybe 6 hour window of Ex Raid. That’s pretty big.


No scenario will suit everyone due to school, work, religion, family commitments or sporting commitment reasons. I’m sure I’ve left some out.
As much as I’ve had to miss many Ex Raids due to unsuitable time I do think the only real adjustment that needs to be made is with the rotation schedule.
1 Ex Raid for each day Monday through to Friday so that’s 5 weekday Ex Raids before it changes not 10+ like we have been getting.
Then when it gets to weekend Raids its 2 or even 3 per Sat & Sun so that’s either 4 or 6 Weekend Ex Raids before it goes back to Weekdays for the single days again.

The biggest issue with having a much larger window or multiple time windows is coordinating enough people that got Ex Passes for all to be able to do the Raid(s). Not so much of an issue atm with Deoxys so easy to beat with small numbers but come something that’s stronger it could be a big problem.