Ex Raid Invitation bug

Hi all, I was wondering if some of you have experienced the same issue as me, if there is a post about this already, delete this and direct me to it please. Here goes:

Ex raid invitations go out on Sunday at 20:00 CEST, or a few minutes before that. However, if a raid is running at the ex raid gym during this time, no invites get sent out at all. I have experienced this 4 weeks in a row now at 2 different (confirmed!) Ex raid gyms, i myself have gotten invites there in the past.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to make this known to niantic? I wrote a ticket but they have very limited characters and you dont get a response… Just wanna know your thoughts on this, thanks in advance!

No idea, but I will inform the local Raid group, to see if they have noticed something like this.

I’ve read/heard the same somewhere but I can’t remember where.

Edit: In this topic I have read that.

However, I haven’t experienced it.

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@Robdebobrob posted it in general discussion, i just found it, and there is an article on reddit too. I just dont know how to get this to niantic so they might actually do something. Im guessing it has something to do with the fact that a triggered ex gym can not have raids run at it, therefore if a raid is running when its turned into a triggered ex gym, you get an error. Simple coding error if you ask me and so much frustration resulting from it…

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YEs we have had this we spent ages organising a grou ready to trigger ex not had one couple of eeeks then a raid happens at that time of give out

We did not get one after raiding couple hours ago trying to trigger it hopefully we get it later on Sunday for the week after when my brother will be home to do midweek

Same over here, twice

Thank you gohub for making a topic on this, special thanks to Zeroghan, I dont know how to tag you. I dont know if my post played a role in this, but I do hope the message gets out there and niantic reads it and does something about it. You guys are the best :smile:

To tag Someone you use an @ @Stixya


However, I’m afraid Niantic doesn’t read that😬

How can one know no EX invitations went out? Is there a way to get lined up for an invitation that’s deterministic? I’ve been under the impression that there is some randomness (or at least some uncertainty) to the invitation process. So how can somebody know who SHOULD get an invitation in the first place? (Yes, I’m ignorant; and no, ignorance is not bliss.)

If you live in a small town with always the same people triggering and count the points, everyone gets a pass. Was like that for us, except when there was a raid running at raid distribution time, then nobody got a pass.

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