Ex raid anyone what happens if you donnt attend

WHAT HAPPENS If you don’t sttent an ex raid. I cant make it as juring school. I have a rubbish iv other one what should I do

See if you have any friends who also got EX-Raid pass or if not, they can use your account to catch Mewtwo.

I don’t know anyone apparat from school friends that I can ask as I have them on discord


  1. Call sick or skip 1-2 classes (NOT an option if you happen to have exams!)
    What’s going to happen should you get caught? Oh, you’d probably have to pick paper in the schoolyard or clean toilets for a few hours. Maybe write a 2-page thesis about how bad skipping school is.

  2. Find someone trustworthy who is able to attend for you.
    I seriously don’t encourage account sharing, but it’s (sadly) a common option in PoGo.

  3. Contact (e-mail) Niantic support, and explain your problem.
    If you’re really lucky, they might move your pass to the second day, just don’t count on it. Not sure what results other people had in this matter, but I do know some people did contact Niantic when they faced the exact same problem.

  4. Forget about Mewto. At least, for now.
    It’s not like PoGo suddenly stops functioning if you don’t have Mewto. There are better Pokémon in its niche, and there are also worse but commonly available Pokémon in its niche which are still perfectly viable, even for raiding.

Your best option is to contact Niantic and see if they will send you a different Raid Pass. I’ve heard they do that sometimes.

Thank you will do this my mum won’t let let skip school as have exams at moment not that time though

Your first idea isn’t that great😂

I think point 3 doesnt work like that. They dont move pass dates, since you would be the only one there, or they would have to move all of the ones sent out for that gym.
The second day you refer to doesnt exsist. Theres passes on 2 different days because of timezones, but 1 area doesnt get passes on 2 different days.

The best option is to contact Niantic, tell them you cant attend and i heared they might give you some stuff as compensation. Another Mewtwo will come at a better time. Skipping 1 wont hurt you.

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Good look with your exams!

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So you’re against account sharing, but totally ok with him skipping school for it?


I ask to ninatic about this because this happen with me but they said that if you do not make raid on same place then ex raid pass is expire and automatically delete from our Account after ends of raids.
So there is no chance to recover that ex raid pass again for another raid.
If you want ex raid pass at every time of distribution then find out the sponsored gym like Starbucks and make their badges in at least silver by doing every raid on that gym either it is level 1 or2 also and battle at by gym for defeating them and defeat time in gym maximum more than 12 hours.

As Akash2403 said, the password will be deleted after the raid, I tried it 2 times now :wink:

Never saw a problem with skipping school for a few hours or an afternoon or so, as long as it doesn’t turn into a habit. And, provided the student has grades to permit doing so. I skipped a lot on Chemistry in my days, simply because lessons were boring and the teacher was a stupid cow who couldn’t explain chemistry properly to my classmates (I often had to explain the stuff again during lunch hours). So, since my grades avaraged between 8/10 and 9/10, I frequently took the last few hours of the day off. Better that and see the headmaster some time later, than get into a pointless fight with the teacher again. I’m sure my grades frustrated her. :rofl:

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Don’t skip your final exams just for an EX-Raid in a mobile game. The guys I raid with have gotten multiple EX-Raid passes. Just do more raids at the place you got the first one, and you will get another.