EX pass on first-time gym

Just got an ex raid pass from a gym I visited one time how does that work

Its simple: people complained it was impossible to get an invite, so now they are handing them out to like 95% of those who did a raid at the gym where it takes place

On my campus we’ve been targeting a gym that has hosted 4 EX raids in the past and so I’ve done daily raids and we have a ton of people pitching in. Today, however EX raid passes were sent out for a gym in our cell that had never been an EX gym before and had only been raided by about a dozen players. The last legendary raid there was a week and a half ago and nobody who did that raid got a pass. The EX system is still finding a way to baffle me!

O ok so if you can’t make it you just lose out I did a Lugia raid on this gym when I was out of town

More Ex Raid passes available. More trainers that never gotten a chance.

I was just told by a cowork that his cuz got a EX pass and did not go but still got to get mewtwo from his room is this true has this happen to anyone before

Is he a spoofer?

I don’t know

He got it throu spoofing. No way you can get Mewtwo without being at the ExRaid. Atleast he got the Mewtwo grats to him.

Or someome else can catch it for him?

HE said from
his room. Didn’t say he gave someone his account an they got it. You annoying again like a monday.

Why are you annoyed again?
If I give somebody my account, he can catch the M2 while I stay at home, its not rocket science

He didn’t say that. But whatever idc if anyone spoofs for MewTwo. There just no way to get MewTwo from your room without spoof unless gym outside your house.

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