Evolving Pokemon w/ Legacy Moves

I know that using a TM is death to said legacy moves… meaning once you use it, you can never get it back.

But what about evolving Pokemon with legacy moves. Since you get a “re-roll” on moves, does that mean you have an opportunity to lose said legacy moves over one of the newer moves? Or is it possible to retain that legacy move when evolving?

Inquiring minds need to know…

This might help you:


Thanks, but that’s just info on the TMs.

I’m pretty clear on how those work with legacy moves.

But evolving I am unsure of, and that article says nothing about evolving and legacy moves.

Evolving gets you moves from the current existing move pool .

I’ve got a Legacy moveset Snorlax (that escaped the hackers). The issue is that I maxed it out at 3235, with Lick and Body Slam. I just don’t know if I should change the moveset.

Personally I would change it. It will be ska very useful Pokémon with lick and hyperbeam