Evolving multiple pokemon

I wish it were possible to evolve multiple pokemon in parallel, rather than having to do it serially, one… at… a… time. Or barring parallel evolution, at least streamline the process by letting us select multiple pokemon and initiate the process with one request, even if they proceed to evolve serially. The interface for transferring multiple pokemon to the professor would be great if it also offered the choice of evolving the whole list without having to squander so much time on the select/request/confirm/wait/ok overhead for each one in sequence.

Niantic would never allow that because they want you to waste as much time as possible when using a Lucky Egg.

That’s a good observation. But getting the lucky-egg XP multiplier is less valuable to me than getting more out of the time spent playing a game. With the amount of time wasted doing stuff like this, it makes this a game really oriented to the very young and the retired, who can better afford to squander hours a day on playing…

Maybe a way could be that a lucky-egg works for 30 evolve-units. Then you can mark 30 mons for evolving, and all is made in a moment, evolving and finishing the egg.

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Or maybe the goal of using as much time to consume the egg could be handled by keeping the evolutions serial (rather than parallel), while letting the player initiate the process with a single request (like the transferring of multiple pokemon to the professor). The egg would still only work for a small number of evolutions; but players could take care of some of their responsibilities while it completes.

Just a thought, anyway.

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Or get 2 devices with the same account on it and do multiple evolutions @ once. Just a suggestion of you have 2 devices.

Also, I’ve gotten this good/ok/bad glitch/bug that lets you not have to see the actual evolution process. Don’t know if it is still around doe.

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