Evolving Eevee - Best choices?

Hello fellow trainers!
I’m didn’t have all Eevee evolutions yet. Since the very beginning that I’m waiting for good IV’s.
I have these 5 Eevee and I think that those with the mark would be the right answer to get Umbreon/Flareon/Espeon but I’ll love to hear your thoughts.

PS: it’s my first time posting and I don’t know if I’m doing it correctly or in the right place

In my opinion you shouldn’t evolve the 13 CP, it would cost way too much stardust.
Also maybe think about evolving the 128 CP as well. They would both cost a lot.


I evolved a 72 CP 100% IV eevee into an umbreon, and now it’s maxed out at 1975 CP at level 37! Now, Umbreon is my favorite Pokémon of all time, so I was willing to invest all all that stardust, but you have to take that into consideration when powering up.

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I dunno. With movesets changeable now I feel IV to be the only real factor. And, imma be honest here, none of your stuff is good enough for a nickname trick. I’d just dieroll the evos and take what you get.

evolving the 13 CP and the 128 CP would only have a difference in max CP by like 50 so I wouldn’t bother. It’s only 50-100 CP in the difference

Would anyone be shocked that the 13CP will power up higher than the 128CP?

My idea was to evolve the 87% Eevee to Umbreon, the 89% to Flareon and the 91% to Espeon. Even the 91 is not good enough?

It’s only a 1/3 chance that you’ll get a flareon, so I would be careful with that one.

i would kill em all, and wait something better to show up.

I tend to agree.

I forget that people don’t live in areas where Eevee is as common as Pidgey or Rattata. Rolling the dice for the evolution has never been my issue as I have way more candies than I have high IVs or the dust for which to power them up. Espeon and vaporeon are the only ones you really should care about in terms of best IVs, there are better choices to power up for electric, fire, and dark types than the Eevee evolutions.

Round out your pokedex and call it a day.

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Umbreon, in fact, is defensively on par with Blissey. It is by far the best eeveelution to evolve( and I’m not just saying that because it’s my favorite eeveelution)

Is Umbreon really a good defender?
I had my doubts about this image…

I can’t say that an Umbreon has presented any sort of challenge in taking over a gym.

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It’s damage output is good for it’s CP range. These and certain other techs like steelix are coming up as the “under 3k” top defenders (motivation loss on under 3k is slower them on overs)

I thought the rate of decay less than 3000CP was a bug that’s been fixed and every thing is 10% decay per hr now?

I think you might be right; maybe they changed it to everything over 2000cp goes at 10%? Would make sense to give reason to use dex fillers that wouldn’t go into a gym otherwise

Actually, decay rate is based on an individual basis now. Every Pokémon CP has a unique decay rate based on its CP. The lower the CP, the slower the motivation loss. That’s why oftentimes, I’ll put a wobafett in a gym that doesnt get fed often, because it has AMAZING HP, (more than my 2633 snorlax), but its motivation goes down SUPER slowly, since its max CP is very low <1000. It can actually last for days without losing too much motivation.


I did not have the opportunity to face one but I’m sure it’s better than the top defenders of the past: Exxegutor, Rhidon, Gyarados, Tyranitar …

I would evolve the 538 and 455 to whichever type you need the most. Even though the 128 and 13 have good IV’s, they would take a ton of stardust to level up to be relevant in gyms.

Yes, it was a bug. Everything now has the same decay rate of -10% CP per hour.