Evolving a 10CP Trapinch

I just evolved my Trapinch into my first Vibrava and the first thing I noticed is that the CP went down. That set me into a question: What happens when you evolve a 10CP Trapinch? Will Vibrava be less than 10CP, or will the it stay at 10CP? What do you guys think??

    1. The Vibrava will stay at 10CP.
    1. The Vibrava will be lower than 10CP lmao.

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I believe it would stay at 10 because the same happens when the bugs evolve (weedle, caterpie, etc) and I tried it with a weedle, the kakuna was still 10cp.

There can’t be any bitch with lesser than 10 CP, it’s the bottom.

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It would be funny though. Btw it also happens with weedle/kakuna

CP is always at least 10, just like HP

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Kakuna gets higher CP than the Weedle had. Vibrava gets lower CP than the Trapinch had.

Kakuna has got nothing to do with this

That’s not true, weedle loses cp when it evolves into kakuna.

Here’s just a sample of a weedle I happened to have scanned at some point

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??? Never seen, always more CP to me. Maybe because I evolved the last Weedle more than a year ago😅

Edit: Yep @BadassFroslass, you’re right

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So had did that work out for you? I’m still trying to get enough candy for Flygon.

I don’t have a ten CP Trapinch, because they are too rare here. That’s the raison I asked it.

If you want enough candy btw, you can try out 10KM eggs. Got a 579CP Trapinch out of it with about 53 candy, so another two times = Flygon😁
I still got 10KM eggs over, so please…

Pokémon can’t get below 10 cp right interseting