Evolve Espeon during day bug?

Tried to complete the Ripple in Time quest. I walked my eevee for 11km, got two candies, went from my buddy screen to evolve it during day while the walked Eevee was my buddy, and got a Flareon. What did I do wrong?

to be shure, have you evolved it picking in the buddy-screen on the kilometers, or have you gone to the pokemon-list until finding the buddy-eevee?

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I pressed the candy icon on my buddy screen, and it took me to the Eevees page. I evolved it from there.

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Hmmm, seems a case to write Niantic and claim.
For me you have made everything correct.

Did the same exact thing (10km but whatevs) and got my new 100IV Espeon
Definetly write them, it must be a weird bug (unless you were messing with your phone’s time settings I guess)

I walked another Eevee and did everything the same way as last time, got an Espeon and quest done.