Evolution of all pokemon

I’m having a problem evolving any pokemon for the past couple of months. The button says evolve, I answer yes… it takes my dust and candy but doesn’t evolve. I thought it was a problem with my older phone but i got a new one this week, updated program… and the same thing happens… The only thing evolving does is to lower my dust and candy totals…

anyone else having this problem?

If it takes your dust and candy it definatly evolves. Maybe the animation doesnt show (or is slow) but you should see the evolved pokemon in your inventory atleast after restarting.

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Yes, @fredbarney. It usually only happens to me though when there is no wifi or connection.

Did you get the evolve?

I’ve had that happen and it shows Network Error, but it still shows evolved in my Pokedex.

Evolving doesnt take dust…


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