Evolution of a Trainer

How has your gameplay changed over time with playing Pokemon?

When i first started i never battled gyms. Cared only for the thrill of catching new pokemon. If it was on radar i am going there!

Now as i caught most pokemon, i care more about raids and gyms and ex. My mindset has changed i look for more detail in my Pokemon rather than just catching 1 and going on with my journey.

How have you evolved as a trainer?


Imagine, I catched my first Mewtwo on 24th of january 2018.

And in the same moment it was my first Raid with other people… before I had played allways solitary.

This has changed my way to play, not that I search for others, but if I see them, from time to time we do something together.

I never cared much about gyms and probably never will, but I did like raids since the beginning
My biggest change was probably going from just powering up to maxing them up

I only started taking down gyms to start earning coins. Took 6 months of gameplay to start doing that. Now I do Legendary Raids a few times a week now because I’m on Discord.

I only started caring about gyms when raids came out. My Ace Trainer-badge is still at 0. I was always playing solo before all of that and I only cared about completing my pokedex.
Now I have a local raid group I meet up with from time to time. I still play solo most of the time.


You can’t evolve your trainer, if that’s what you’re asking. What this topic is about is what has changed in our play style since starting.

Just got Salamance this morning, so the only buddy I have left to walk is Feebas in the entire game until Gen 4 drops. Last time I ran out of buddies to evolve was right before Gen 3 dropped. I had enough time to do 5 Espeons and 5 Umbreons.

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I’ve gone through periods where i’ve played for ages and grinding out for the next level, and there have been times where i’ve barely opened the app once a week. Atm i’m trying to play once a day, but exam preparation has to take priority.


I at least need to keep streaks alive. Yesterday was first time I skipped claiming a research stamp because I’m waiting to get Articuno later today.

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Today I have put my best Tyranitar as my buddy (no evolution left to do by walking).

After doing it I thought “what happens if he is used in a Raid and is killed? Can he still walk?”

We will see…

Can’t leave in a gym so guess can’t do a raid I will try tommorow bcsuaase it is my buddy too and I’m out ho oh ing raids and Aerodactyl only in the afternoon

Start like everyone playing without any goal, just for fun. It was the first pokemon game I played.
In Kanto was the generation where I strive to complete the pokedex, level up, valuation and those things.

In Johto, the game had already gone down “fashion”
I left the game for a while but luckily I could read Leek Duck here in the hub “stop worrying and enjoy POGO” (100% recommended)
It was there where I took one of his ideas and decided to specialize in a type of pokemon to put more emotion to the game and wow!! From there a new world opened up for me: first the Dragon Tymer and then the rest (the 18 types of pokemon, the coaches classes, movies, games, etc.)

In Hoenn, I was playing Pokemon Esmeralda. With all the people obsessed with the shiny, regional and individual values ​​I’m getting closer and closer to quitting the game.


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