Events - Valentines Day and February Events

What are your thoughts on the upcoming events in February?

Here’s a TLDR pic breakdown


It’s a LOT to say the least.

The worst: Or you have time on sunday between 2 and 5 of the afternoon, or no Minccino…

If this is true, and after there will be no chance to get it, then this game is getting worser and worser.

After the event Minccino will be hatchable from 5km Eggs if I am not mistaken. It will be hatchable, but I am not sure if it was from a 5km Egg or an other Egg pool.

Now this does look good, but I have read about Field Researches saying ‘Catch Slowpoke/Whismur/Hoppip/Kricketot’ and none of these can be Shiny, so I am preparing for the possibility that the events could be trash again. But they don’t last that long, so I am curious to see what’s going to happen.

I can’t play during the Raid Day and I don’t care because the Lickitung is in Tier 4 Raids.

Havent REALLY looked at everything in detail yet but it seems like alot of time limited events…

I’m not sure what to think about this schedule… Why would they do events only during weekends? Are there any other plans for weekdays?
Other events always lasted at least a week, so those who only had time on the weekend and those who had more time to play on weekdays (me on my way from/to work…) both had a chance to hunt shinies/new pokémon.
Limiting several events to weekends ONLY is not a nice move…

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Its a lot. About to check out the Onix spawns in 30 minutes. Im not to enthousiastic about this spotlight and bonus hour. Just curious about the spawnrate for now (its raining anyways so itll be a short round). And unless bonus hour is like 5x stardust i dont see myself running arround for it.

9 caught in ~20 minutes. 2 shiny Onyx. Not bad at all.

Raid hour was big flop over here yesterday.
Spawns were scarce and appeared to be not increased for many by the numerous disgruntled players on local Discord.

I was not able to participate due to other commitments but it seems like I never missed a thing. Already have 2 Shiny Onix so wasn’t bothered by it.

I found only around 15 Onix, no shinies, all bad IVs. I’m not impressed with this event, but with some improvements it could be a good way to catch more Pokemon that aren’t suitable for a Community Day.

28 onix, 1 shiny in 35-40 min of kinda playing. I’d be ok if they did is every month with a non CD/event (like Lotad, Feebas, castform) mon that already has a shiny out in the wild.

Good thing that pink pokemons are big… :grinning:

I did it! With my 2 accounts and another player (with Ultra friends bonus) I managed to defeat Lickitung with only 3 seconds left! I also evolved my 2 old Lickitung to get Lickilicky with Body slam! :smiley:


I just did 11 raids and only got 1 shiny.

One is better than none :grin:

I did 0 Licky Raids. Priority was to to see if I could repair car rather than having to buy a replacement.

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Did 6 licki raids. The 2nd and 3rd were shiny so pretty happy with that.


Almost identical to @Robdebobrob
Did 6 raids - and in my case the 3rd and 6th were shiny :grinning: