Events on the East Coast of the US?

I’m really hoping Niantic will host an event, much like Chicago, or even the Safari Zone, on the east coast. The other events are difficult to get to if you cannot travel across the country.
New York City would be a great place. So many pokestops and gyms!
What are your thoughts of an event on the coast?
Most of us still need unown!!

It’s a decent idea, but these City specific events tend to happen at sponsored locations like the European malls. If the East Coast has places like this, then it would be more likely that an event would happen.

I mean, there’s tons, and I mean TONS, of Starbucks gyms in NYC! And there’s a huge outlet mall down in Miami, Florida. I doubt they’d host one there so soon since there’s so much damage from Hurricane Irma.

True, let’s wait for at least a month or two so the damage can be fixed and then worry about these events.

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Indeed. I hope they can clean it as well as other parts the hurricane hit.

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