[Event]New Unown event

@JoshHack time to participate in this event. It will be held in your home city.

The question is when though?

The Unown event takes place from 5 till 15 April 2018.
The Unown numbers that have been spotted are L, O, N, D.

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I haven’t had an unown event within 2000 miles of where I live…they only do them at conventions and festivals in big cities

For the Kanto event they should make Unowns spell K A N T O (even though it isn’t a Gen 1 it would be cool)

i just want an unknown!!!

Unown is Kanto, not Johto

Perfect timing for this event as I’m going to be in London at the time! Hopefully get my Pokedex Unown

That’s what I said

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