Event Ideas For Niantic

Who else thinks it would be cool if they made a Columbus Day event for a the 9th of October? I think it would be cool if they did this event to promote exploration and new beginnings. I think Niantic would do this because they always do events that aren’t very big on the calendar like World Water Day, Equinox Event, Solstice Event, Adventure Week, Worldwide Bloom etc. These are all events that not many people celebrate IRL. Bigger events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, St.Patrick’s Day, New Year’s, Halloween, Easter etc got eventS(except St.Patrick’S day). Please share thoughts on what you think the Columbus Day event should feature.


It would be an interesting idea, but I’m not sure they would do something that close to an existing event

With the controversy behind Indigenous people day/ Columbus day, I don’t think Niantic will have an event. If anything, we will get another Halloween event.

Yeah I know but they need something between the equinox and Halloween or the player base will be bored. Anyway they’ve been helping us complete our dex and I think they’ll keep going right until gen 3 is out

They probably won’t have a Columbus Day event.

All (or at least most) of the events that Niantic releases are celebrated/occurring around the globe, which is why it makes sense to release them.

Example: Everyone around the globe experiences an equinox = equinox event.
A large portion of the world celebrates Christmas/Halloween/Easter = an event.

But Columbus Day? It’s too unknown to the rest of the world.It’s just a USA holiday. It’s like having an event for Canadian Thanksgiving; It’s all too biased.

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I’m Irish and I know Columbus Day but who’s heard of Worldwide Bloom or World Water Day? Why was there a Thanksgiving Event when only America celebrates it? Why wasn’t there a St.Patrick’s Day event? Parts of America celebrates St.Patrick’s Day too. I’m just suggesting an event between the equinox and Halloween to make the game fun in this time.

So it’s not that you want a Columbus Day Event, but an Event…
Here I am all the way with you. I want every week an event, how it is named is not so important.

All the players need encourage, the game in itself is not sssooo animating. There are so much automaticised pratice, repeating moves or necesarities. We need additional encourage by Niantic, or really the baseline of players will leave it.


Yeah exactly I want an event and Columbus Day could be their excuse. Also can we aim to get a St.Patrick’s Day event next year? I had so many good ideas like prices off lucky eggs+double xp(because of the legend of Irish people being lucky). All green coloured Pokémon spawning more often.


Wow! May we get Mid-Autumn festival event and Chinese New Year event if then?


Hahahaha, oh yes. I like the party your doing every year here in Valencia, Spain. This St. Patrick’s Day is really a reason to walk on the streets, enjoying the party and the people, and why not giving it a conection to Pokemon? And shurely we could add some Chinese feast as well

I’d love to see the Chinese New Year event happen. I’ve never heard of a Mid-Autumn Festival. I know you think it’s stupid to have a St.Patrick’s Day event but a lot of people around the world celebrate it and I’ve seen videos of Chinese New Year it looks like a blast. Let’s try and get them.

Tell you a fact (optional): Nitendo has implemented features from Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon background in each kingdom and the Broodals) into Super Mario Odessey and it proves Niantic may actually know about Chinese culture.

Oh cool so this can actually happen?

Yeah the possibility is about 33%. If they really make it happen, then I have brought a good news to you guys. The date of Mid-Autumn Festival is 5th Oct which is pretty close to now.

Oh cool so it can be like one event finished on Monday and another one starts on Thursday.

Haha that is just an prediction however I am here to share another amusing fact to you guys: in the Japanese opening of Pokemon anime ‘Mew’ flew away just in front of the moon and with the ‘Mew’ rumour, ‘Mew’ is possible to be released during the Mid-Autumn Festival event.

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Yes @Yoshi you genius. That is so smart. You may have just discovered the release date of Mythical Pokémon.


Lemme give you some ideas on the Mid-Autum Festival from the photographs.

Hopefully the event will increase the spawn rate of dragon, fairy and dark type Pokemon.

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Oh I would love that. I need both Medals. I also need some good Dragonites.

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It would be awesome for Niantic to hold a event like this.