Espeon: Psybeam VS. Future Sight

Which one is better, Espeon with Psybeam or Espeon with Future Sight? I think Psybeam because with STAB and Weather Boost, if and Espeon does both the bars in one sitting, that’s 201.6 damage, while Future Sight with STAB and Weather Boost does 172.8 damage, less then Solar Beam with no Weather Boost or STAB. What is your opinion on these two moves on Espeon?

The recommendations are usually to go with future sight. I don’t know why it’s better than paybeam, but I would think that psybeam has a longer animation maybe. That’s just a guess.

Thats an interesting question, try out simulators

Future Sight is much better.

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Yep future sight. Bc i use my poke genie when i had espeon with psybeam its att b or c. Future sight A att.


The question is if Psybeam surpasses FS in Windy, since its entire cycle is 36/25* stronger, opposed to just 6/5*
Its also a 2-bar charge move that can help Espeon dish out more hits


Have you ever used Future Sight in a Machamp raid?
I used an espeon withiut it one time, failed, and another time I won with 50 seconds left

Here…settle this arguement. FS is far better.

@Thorend close this topic please.

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