Erroring out before a raid begins

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if this has been discussed before so sorry if this is a repeat post.

Whenever I try to do a raid battle, I’m able to use my raid pass and pick my team of 6. However, when the countdown ends, the raid loads and the “GO” message flashes. However, this is where I then error out. I try to enter again; same thing occurs over and over again.

I’ve tried at least 5 times to enter a raid (on 5 different occasions), but not once have I actually been able to play one.

Does anyone else have or has had this issue before? How can it be corrected? I would really love to participate in raids but so far no luck!


Turn off the phone before you go into battle and restart it.
It works for me that way!

Hi Zabok69,

Thanks for your suggestion! However, I tried it today at a raid and unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem. :frowning: but thanks anyways! :slight_smile:

Canadoman did you ever get that issue rectified. My Pokemon partner has the same issue and it really messes with our ability to do raids without gathering our whole town to play. Just curious if you found a solution. Thank you

Well, the answer is yes and no.

This summer, I was travelling in Canada and Japan. When I first posted this thread, I was in Canada. I was using public wifi networks to play Pokemon Go as I did not have a Canadian SIM card with data. As I was using public wifi, this could have been why I was erroring out (connection was not strong enough). In addition, I tried taking on raids alone, with no help. Maybe the game was forcing me to play with other people?

However, while in Japan I was using a 4G network to play. I only errored out twice (missed my Moltres because of this), however, while in Tokyo I managed to successfully play a Zaptos raid and a Lugia raid.

To be honest, I don’t know if this was a problem with my network or the number of people participating in a raid. The issue seems to have been resolved, but we’ll have to see until next time.

According to Niantic support, they tell you to check the following:

  • Make sure your app is up to date
  • Use automatic (network provided) time and date
  • Stay within range of the gym
  • Check your internet connection

Hope this helps.

If you are getting error messages before / when you start a raid you need to set your phone clock to automatic. I had that annoying error for the first few weeks.

Also, like other people have said you should ALWAYS restart your Pokemon Go app when before you enter a raid, it deletes, then resets the cache in the app; which makes erroring out less possible.