Equinox Team Change

The option to change teams is requested so frequently that Niantic has this on their support page:

Speculation on why changing teams is not allowed mainly seems to focus on potential abuse of the system.

I propose that allowing trainers to change teams, one time, during a 24 hour window of equinox events is a possible solution.

An equinox is a time of change, so it seems to fit the theme perfectly. Also, limiting the opportunity to 24 hours twice a year would seem to eliminate concerns about “hopping” or other abuse.



I would say just let everyone have one team change, period. Just like how everyone can change their nicknames once.

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I agree with you completely, they should. However, so far, Niantic doesn’t seem interested.

Tying the opportunity to an event should increase participation in the event.

The potential for increased participation might actually motivate Niantic to do something about it.

The only way to even up teams is to merge yellow and red. I don’t see that happening.

If everyone was allowed to switch, instinct would be at an even bigger disadvantage. The teams are a relic and poorly thought out by niantic since the beginning. They should just figure out a way to either completely get rid of teams or make it so what team you are doesn’t really matter

I would actually like instinct and valor to unite lol

This. Nothing more, nothing less. 1 time, per account.
Letting players change teams twice a year is the total opposite of what we have now and a really really bad idea.

Also, the 3 colors make sense and are required for the pvp aspect of the game (gymming). Fusing Instinct and Valor wouldn’t make it any better, and this is coming from an Instinct player.

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If I had the option, I’d change from Mystic to Valor. I like to play before I go to work and I can’t put my monsters in any gym there because they all have 6 monsters that are already blue. I have fun playing at home because Valor controls my town, so it is fun to knock all the red gyms down. Actually it would be fun to be Instinct and just tear both red and blue gyms down everywhere. I don’t see many yellow gyms.

A merge of instinct and valor would kill the game for me. I am pretty much the only active Mystic player in my home town.

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Same here but for the opposing reason.
Everyone in my town is instinct or valor and nobody could take down any of our gyms

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