Equinox event what pokemon

this night I had during event equinox

3Remoraid,3leveinard,1ramolos,1togepi fr

3Remoraid,3Chansey,1 Slowpoke,1togepi
(egg 2 only)

and you?

We were able to confirm the following species at the Hub:

Equinox Event Egg Chart
Pokémon Rarity
Larvitar 10%
Mareep 10%
Chansey 10%
Snorlax 0.8%
Dratini 0.3%
Tyrogue 4.6%
Rhyorn 0.3%
Remoraid 12.2%
Togepi 12.2%
Slugma 11.7%
Oddish 10.9%
Slowpoke 7.6%
Pichu 0.8%
Krabby 0.5%
Spinarak 0.3%
Gastly 0.3%
Aipom 0.3%
Zubat 7.1%


Disappointed with that Snorlax rarity, needed the extra candy🙁


I love the stardust boost, but I hate the egg drops. Since this event started, I have gotten 5 10k eggs and two 2k eggs and a few 5ks. It’s a blatant attempt to boost the sale of boxes (the only way to get super incubators). Part of this event are the rare hatches you can get from 2ks and all they’re dropping are 10s, so what’s the point of even making that part of the event?

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The egg drops are terrible; some people are getting better drops than others but it’s annoying how 5k and 10ks are more common than 2ks -_-

I haven’t used any Stardust since the gym rework. I don’t really do raids because of the time of day I play and don’t know enough other players to do a big raid. Have enough big heavy hitters from before because of the way the gyms worked previously. Right now I’m seeing how much I can collect before I do a massive power up session.

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