Entei quest Catch topic

Share your Entei catches here! Also, this is for the discussion of the quests that came out alongside Entei!


I’ll post as soon as I get one

Entei? Is not Snorlax?

You could get Snorlax on August 1st if you arent smart enough to know how timezones work
You cant get a Snorlax from Breakthrough anymore (or Blissey to begin with, what?), only Raikou if you claim the reward before 8PM UTC

Blissey? What are you talking about? It’s Entei! Not Blissey…

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Anyways. . ill show a pic for september to ya when i catch one. @Pokemon

Nobody gets it, not the Blissey, not the Snorlax

How in the heavens would you get Snorlax :exploding_head:

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-rolls eyes-

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That’s my progress on Entei catch. Haven’t started it. Just got 4th Raikou last night.

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Why are you calling other people trolls

She said a ‚Äúbad‚ÄĚ word, I told her to stop and then she called us trolls.

When all of you will learn that the best answer to this type of attacks is silence???


Spinda new form is out, alongside a quest giving silver pinap!!!


@SnivyStar check this out

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Oh okey

Not a bad first Entei

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I saw you caught it, in game :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Has anyone cashed in stamps for Entei on U.S. East coast yet?

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I dont know… it is form three and a different quest now though.