Eggstravaganza 2019 has been Announced!

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Not much different than before, honestly, but hey, at least spawns aren’t going to be effected THAT much.

This event might be good for @NotanotherKangaskhan because he might get a good shot at hatching Pokémon that usually only are in 7km Eggs.

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I wonder how the other eggs will be affected, or if it will just be 2 km eggs like they’ve done before that will be obtained. It would make the Egg-themed Field Research a little easier.

The official announcement says, “You may find different Pokémon hatching from Eggs than before.” I think all Eggs will shake up.

I’m curious about the egg shakeup, but am pretty disappointed that I’m going to have more baby Pokemon thrust upon me. I avoid 7K eggs for this very reason. :pensive:

There is that hope.
I’m getting nothing but mostly 2km now. Just hope that continues during the Egg event but we know how greedy Niantic work. In order to make players spend up on Incubators they will drop more 5-10k eggs than 2’s. Gee I hope I’m wrong on that,.


I won’t buy any incubators during this event since I will just burn through them twice as fast. I’ll just take advantage of the fact my infinite one will work twice as fast. I’ll save my coins for storage space during event.


I really wanted to slow down on hunting shinies… But the shiny Buneary is way too cute… I need one one of these!
Hatching… Yeah… I don’t know… I have >1000 coins spare. I’ll decide whether to ‘hatch hard’ or not (and invest in raid passes instead) when I see the new egg pool

Should this event be the ideal way of introducing MIme Jr. or are they still thinking how to handle that combined with his evolution: the regional Mr. Mime?


Is the Bunny the only Shiny being released this event?
I thought a read somewhere the other day that there was something else too but can’t remember where I read it to double check.

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Just Shiny Bunny that I know of.

Is it bad that every Bunny I click on I hope it’s not Shiny?
I’m I lot more interested in keeping my No Shiny upon realease during the weekly events going than catching a Shiny.

Not the only one, the other wasn’t announced. It’s Igglybuff.

The Siplh Road

Leek Duck


I have shiny wigglytuff in Pokemon crystal lol

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And Combee is in 5km eggs. The charts are still incomplete, but it starting to look better and better.

I know some will disagree, but I’m not a fan of the babies being moved to 2K eggs. Now I can’t avoid them and will, once again, have them forced upon me.

Already a bad start for me too: All my stops dropped 2K eggs. Nothing else. :rofl:

With Friday and Monday as Public Holidays plus the Sat/Sun on weekend all as non work days I’m going to get out on the Push Bike at least 2 of these days and burn the 2k Eggs off using only my Infinity Incubator and maybe 1 other Incubator Max. I don’t care about the possible Shiny babies as I’ve yet to hatch a Shiny anything from 2750 Eggs so there is no incentive there. They are not getting all my Paid Incubators to hatch throw away junk in hope I’ll spend up buying more.

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I’m only using my infinite incubator during this event, I don’t really need eggs nor do I need to burn up my 50 coins a day twice as fast.

That’s shiny Igglybuff/Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff??? Wow – the color is virtually the same as their regular version. If I got one of those I’d need the sparkly ring graphics to notice that it wasn’t a regular one…