Eggstravaganza 2018 Easter Event

[Mod updated]: Here’s the official Hub news on this, we talked with Chrales via Discord about it and he confirmed it.

This makes sense for Niantic since we will burn through our Incubators a lot faster. I personally liked getting the 10km eggs because my incubators would last long enough for the 3 days it takes to be able to buy one. Extra candy and dust is nice though.

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Hey, just to hop in! I’ve edited your original topic to include new developments. It is true, the event is in the news TSV (Tab Separated Values) file and it should appear soon. No visual assets found yet :slight_smile:


I think baby Pokemon should be the ones which are more likely to be hatched from eggs during the event, given that they’re exclusive to eggs.

Honestly, I woud find the event more close-fitting if they boost the hatching rate of Azurill & Wynaut. Btw I haven’t got any Magby until now.


I still need Wynaut for the pokedex but babies are annoying. Togepis are cool because it evolves again past Togetic though.

As does Magby and Elekid

I still need a Wynaut for gen III dex and another Elekid for my ‘have 3 of everything’ rule.

So bring it on!


Already have enough candy for Magby and Elekid to get for final form. Not Togepi yet.

Ihave hatched like 5 magbys

It’s begun

Shiny Wynaut is out!

I definitively have enough Wobbuffet candy to get a Shiny Wobbuffett if I hatch a Shiny Wynaut.