Eevee Evolveing to glaceon

I have been try and trying to Evolve Eevee to a Glaceon!!! Does anyone know how to do this? Or has Glaceon not been released?

Glaceon is Gen 4, its not even in the game yet


Thanks I have done everything else I can do but they just very slow with the upgrade and next gen stuff!

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To be fair they wanna spread it out to keep people interested and there is 100+ pokemon in gen 4. It’s not been that long since the last release of gen 3 pokemon too.

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Glaceon will release sometime in the Generation 4 release. It seems likely we will see that after the legendary golems.

Save your Eevee candy so you will be ready when Gen 4 drops. First thing I did when Gen 2 drops was evolve Espeon and Umbreon using the name trick. They will probably have something similar for your first Leafeon and Glaceon.

I feel like the name trick is gonna be like ‘snowy’ or ‘icy’ or something along those lines

I feel bad for all of the eevee candy you’ve wasted​:sob::sob::sob:

So far the name trick is you have to name the Eevee whatever the trainer’s name was in the anime. I’m still on Advanced Challenge, so I don’t know the Gen 4 names yet.

As far as I know, there aren’t any trainers in the anime whose main Pokémon are glaceon or leafeon

Cynthia has Glaceon tho, and Gardenia has Leafeon in the rematches

One of the Hoenn elite four has the same name as Glaceon in the Japanese version.

Unfortunates Niantic havent release glacon yet

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Glacia? Really?

I’m pretty sure dawn or may came back in a different season with a glaceon, because I know Serena had a Sylveon

I’m also waiting for gen 4 to come out… so all those people with the good Magmars and Sneasels and Murkrows will RULE THE EARTH

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And I think it might be soon, because Magmar and Murkrow both have their shinies, and the Equinox event could bring Sneasel’s. After that I guess it’s time for Gen 4

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