Eevee Community Day 2021

@Brobraam it’s your lucky day!

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Worst Community Day(s) EVER :triumph::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::poop::-1:

Never expected a second Eevee community day to actually become a thing. I’m excited for this


I feared it was going to be Aron, and it somehow got even worse than that. :joy:


I missed last Eevee CD driving back from vacation

Knowing my luck, it might not happen but, should I try aiming for all shiny Eeveelutions?

I’m happy to have Eevee come around again.
I want the XL’s to get more of my Eeveelutons to L50.
Hopefully we are out of Lock Down by then so I can go to my new favourite 200km drive CD spot. It’s looking like the 7 day Lock Down will be extended for another 7 this coming Tuesday.
If we stuck at home I just need to make sure I have plenty of storage space to trade later.

I have seven hundo Eeveelutions that would love to be level 50 one of these days, so I’m good for two days of potentially getting a LOT of Eevee Candy XL.

Yeah. Let’s grind all those XL Candies.

Otherwise, bad community day. Already got 20 freaking shining eevee and it’s evolutions

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Community is half and half with this CD. I need those XLs!!!


New shiny > XL candies

2 days of grinding? No thanks!

Wasted opportunity.

Dismayed, disheartened, disgusted and disappointed.

I want to max out my beautiful shiny leafeon

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Objective: max out this boi

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Touch wood, we have been out of lock downs or restrictions on travel for a week now.
I’m planing to do 2 days at my long distance CD spot and sleep in the car overnight (I have a station wagon so a couple of quilts in the back and a pillow and I’m right for a snooze).
Don’t care about the moves or Shiny. Just want those XL’s on the day and 1 for everyone I Trade for local catches over the next few weeks :grinning:

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I will only be playing for six hours, simply because I do not have enough space to keep over 100 Shiny Eevee.

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Long live Pokemon Home transfers. Even then, I might be transferring over 10 shiny eevee this event which will be a first for me