Editing Description

How do you edit your description?? I want to write things about myself but can’t.

Wait a minute. Tutorial in pictures incoming

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Wait. I just saw that my email wasn’t censored

Thanks guys so much, @Jormdeworm and @Brobraam.

You tap your button in top right corner

Then you should see this, but personalised. Then scroll down
Then you have to press the button “activity” and select “preferences”

Then you should get to the screen that looks like the second photo, but if you scroll down there is an other button.
Press the “account” button and select “profile”

Then you should be able to change you description

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Got it, your pictures were helpful I got the first steps from @Jormdeworm but then later steps from you.

I am editing my previous post, and checking every time if my email is censored

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Yeah. I thought @Brobraam’s post was going to be better so I deleted it.

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Well you posted first so I got the initial steps from you then @Brobraam took over. Thanks!

Did you guys read my profile yet?

I’ve read it, yes.

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Is your favorite pokemon Jormdewurmple?

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Not my favorite but yeah I like it.

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Finished! Everything I wanted to be censored is censored.

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Now I only need a Pokémon invasion in the game itself… :joy:


Thanks for the compliment I am glad you like my name. I tend to be verrry active when I am active.

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Probably wont post again today bye

I’m 3 weeks from vacation and officially in DGAF mode.

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Um what is that