Eclipse Event?

So, a Lunar Eclipse just happened and it gave me an idea, so every time there is a Eclipse, depending on the region Lunatone and Solrock will be severely boosted in spawns, and a VERY low chance to encounter a shiny, and the spawns last for 1 hour for the eclipse. Anything agree with this?



This could be cool, it also could be annoying to implement into the game on niantics end

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Pretty creative ideas, @iLikeCastform. Maybe the behavior would only work where the eclipse is visible? Places with overcast and rainy conditions could go to sleep until the eclipse is over (no server contact, whatsoever), or inversely those places would have ordinary behavior (without the eclipse-enhanced features you described)?

But way to think outside the penumbra, so to say…

Lunar New Year event is always more likely but good idea

That’s coming up real soon, and there’s a guess that we will have an event celebrating the Year of the Pig, like how last year was the Year of the Dog. Shiny Swinub anyone? Likely Shiny Spoink, but still…

Speaking of which…what do you think they will do this year?

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Cats? Dogs last year lmao

Wait, PoGO celebrates Chinese new year?

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It’s the Year of the Pig this coming year, so likely anything involving the pig-like Pokemon like Spoink and Swinub.

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That would happen often lol

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Annnnnnd both are here this month lol

Right? Although Lunatone hasn’t shown up for a little while for me. XD

I get multiple Luncatone spawns a day right now. I assumed it was due to the event. lol

It’s funny because I didn’t see a Lunatone for months and I wondered if I’d ever catch one.

On topic: I like it, but agree that it might be a difficult mechanic on Niantic’s end.