Easter 2018: Smeargle, 15k egg?

If Pokémon GO will get an Easter Event this year Smeargle will probably be released.

I also have an idea of 15k eggs for Mythical Pokémon like Celebi and Mew.
Smeargle is a Dex-Filler with quite low stats and CP.
15k eggs could have a 0.01% drop rate in Normal Pokestops and 0.09% on a Gold Badge Gym, with a 3% on 7Day streak on Gold Badge Gym.
15k Egg Chart would be:
Arceus (when Gen IV drops.)

Who wants 15k eggs?


To easy. Can’t be giving out Mythicals like that. Need more structure for the reward of them.


In the main series, mythicals were just given out as MYSTERY GIFTS! Absolutely no effort on the part of players other than logging on. I don’t see a problem with giving out mythicals in eggs in Po:Go.

Mew was limited, Celebi was Japan exclusive Mew, idk about Jirachi, and Arceus wasn’t even released at all. If Niantic would release mythical mons’ by something similar to Mystery Gifts, they better not mess it up like Game Freak/Nintendo…

Then it should be a Log in “60 days”

You forgot Shaymin and Darkrai

Jirachi was obtainable trough the pokemon stadium bonus disc. You could actually get infinite amounts of them

They should release mythicals in a way that benefits all players, not just the urban ones.


And Manaphy and Phione

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And victini

15km is too short imho.
This is what I’d like to see.
It should be 50km
Only a standard type incubator can be used to walk it off, not a Super incubator.
Only one at a time can be held.

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Victini is Gen 5

I know

How about Mewtwo in 100Km eggs

Legendary, nor mythicals can be found in eggs, its stupid to include them

Bar Phione, of course


I was thinking about Smeargle as the Easter event Pokémon as well, just like Delibird was for Christmas. I know there’s still the problem with its moveset… but we are talking about Niantic, they might simply give it other moves if they don’t find an easy solution.
Now the Mythicals…
I don’t know enough about the normal Pokémon games to accurately judge this (yes, I admit it, I’m a Pokémon noob, I came to the topic only through PoGo, but I’m learning), but quests or high-km eggs (50 or up, with restrictions applying, like no super incubators), or maybe even quests to earn these eggs :wink:, sounds like a good idea to make Pokémon available that should neither be battled in a raid nor be found in the wild. Niantic won’t give them out as gifts, I just can’t see this happening…
By that, people will be busy doing quests and hatching eggs and won’t be begging for for more content that quickly…

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I have an easy solution, use them as EX Raid bosses at events, like safari zones

And later move them to quests, but who knows how long will that take
I think they said they wanted one big thing every three months, right?

I don’t see why Super Incubators should be excluded. They’re an investment to the player, costing coins they obtained either by regularly investing time or by funding the game others play free of charge. An investment many people are unwilling to make because of other advantages they could use their coins on: raidpasses, bagspace, pokemon storage, lucky eggs. Just naming the most obvious things many people would rather purchase than Super Incubators. So to those passing those in favor of Super Incubators: more power to them!