Earning more coins in the new gym system!

Hi all,
Just wanted to share the experience of a somewhat casual gym battler, that is when I go battling I would hold only one gym, most I have ever held is 3.

Under the old system, I usually just take down/prestige a gym to claim my 10 coins. Gyms were also mostly occupied by level 30+ which almost always places me at the bottom, so I would put funny things like my 30 CP Alakazam cause I knew I wouldn’t survive anyway :stuck_out_tongue: .

Now given that I was used to getting 10 coins at a time, you can understand my excitement when my Snorlax came back with 50 coins!

So this got me thinking, this new gym system seems more accessible for lower levels, which does correspond with the increased number of level 20s I’m seeing.
As a slight side note, it also rewards depth rather than coverage. What I mean by this is that it seems better to focus your efforts on a few gyms rather than a dozen gyms.

Just some musings from my excitement today :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’m glad this new system works for you! Not many players like it anymore.

You have to find a nice balance, Mons big enough to stay a day for to earn the 50, but little enough for others to kill you, so they will come back home. I’m shure it depends on your neighbourhood, if they are strong players or not. My Arcanine with only 1817 CP has stayed 2 and a half day in the Gym, I believe in another place it would stay not even 10 minutes.

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I said this before in a similar topic but I, like you said, see more low(er) level trainers than before and I really like that fact. I see a lot of new names and that’s cool.

For me it’s more difficult to get my 50 daily coins but I am oke with that. Before it was easy to get 100 coins, as a level 30+ player.

Glad to hear you like it. :ghost:

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I see a lot of lower level players here too but most of them are alts of my local group for different teams just so we can actually GET our coins, we have too many valor players here so out pokemon sit in gyms for DAYS if we didnt make alt accounts we’d never get them or our coins back.

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There should be a way to recall a Pokémon or have it automatically return after seven days or something. That would result in more gym turnover. Maybe give a little coin bonus if you keep a gym that long. I only have one espeon and it’s been gone for almost a week now…I need that thing to attack in raids. It also has full health so people are still feeding it berries

Your comment actually pinpoints what is wrong with the new gym system: it relies on an even proportion of each team who battle, which is actually hard to achieve.

If no one from opposing teams wants to battle, the pokemon are effectively stagnant, especially if people are feeding it (which I saw with my Vaporeon that I monitored over a few days).

Furthermore, no coins are recieved until pokemon are returned which exacerbates this issue. So I guess Niantic should either fix pokemon return issue or coin collection (or both :stuck_out_tongue: )