E3 Pokemon Lets Go

Pokemon Let Go seems to be a hit. With the poke ball plus you get an amazing gift. Not sure if i should say what it is incase people don’t wanna ruin the surprise.

I wonder if Pokemon Go and Lets Go will really be interactive the way they say. Maybe learn new exclusive moves.

Also e3 Nintendo is going on right now.

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That moment when you want to post a hype Smash comment but the dumb HubForum AI keeps asking you if "its a complete sentence"
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The gift from the Pokeball plus is pokemon151(mew) you also get nothing besides mew, but I wanted to make sure that people who don’t want spoilers can’t work this out by accident.


Biggest letdown sofar is that you can interact PoGo with Let’s Go but not vice versa.

There is nothing to gain in PoGo, at least, that’s what we now know.

It’s still gonna be big and i’m gonna get that game :smile:

For me thats not a letdown but a positive thing, since i dont plan on getting Let’s Go.

You can get a new Mon

Wonder if you they will add more features as you level Up

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