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Duskull Community Day October 2021

@vorgriff3 looks like Niantic has answered your question! :smiley: October 9th.


Didn’t have the shiny yet. Gonna catch 3 of them, and call it a day after that. Maybe I’ll catch more, depends on wether I’ll go walk in Delft like I used to

Edit: it is on a Saturday. I’ll play for literally 30 minutes

Waste of my shiny time…

Another nail in the coffin :coffin: of what used to be an enjoyable event :disappointed:

I only completed this Shiny Line last July on a random Duskull spawn. It wasn’t even boosted by some event.

I only have 1x 100% of the family.
I only have 1x Shiny of the family.

My only real chance of getting the 2x 100% is from 5-700 Trades after the CD.
The Shiny will be caught easy over the 6hrs surely :rofl:
It will still be a boring grind for a dull Pokémon. This will be a good one for the bike and GoPlus.

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Zero shinies in the Duskull family here, but one hundo. So I’m hoping to get shinies, but most of all for Stardust.

Will be looking to raid before and after; maybe 1 or 2 during the event, too.

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Hoping that the november CD is something more worthwile


I’d bet chespin

Nooo, please, nooo

Nah, probably next year

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Oh, that would be too perfect. :roll_eyes: How many other mons can compete with Chespin for hassle and irrelevance?


But for real, there’s not many great candidates even left
Like, Litwick, Deino… And what else?

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I don’t have a shiny in the Duskull family but it’s not one that really excites me.

Anybody besides me waiting for Froakie? Shiny Greninja is in my top 3 favorites of shiny starter evolutions.

Maybe Timburr or Riolu? Even Houndoom or Cranidos would be preferable to Duskull, although I doubt the last 3 would qualify, due to having only one evolution.

Of course I am looking forward to that one. Shiny greninja is even cooler than the normal one


Surprised there has not been a CD for Bellsprout.

Vulpix almost got one so its fair game I guess
Riolu wouldve been a problem since its a baby and an evolved form
And Houndoom… I guess it might be somewhat better of an idea than Duskull, but its still a lackluster choice imo

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