Dumping lucky eggs

Is there any use for lucky eggs after you reach Level 40? I’ve still got over 50 of them, 2 years after reaching Level 40, and I’m always running out of item space. I want to delete them; but they weren’t free, and I have a nagging feeling that as soon as I throw them out, they’ll have a use again.

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Hit lv40 long ago and I’ve held onto mine as well. I think I’m just going to keep them, in the unlikely event that they raise the level cap. lol


I know a bunch of people in my area that still use them even after they hit lvl 40 to increase the amount of exp they have. They’ve made it into a mini competition to see who has the most exp :man_shrugging:t3:

Rather than just dumping them, use them up and only hang onto 5-10 in case there’s some reason you want to use them later.

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Ive just used them on raids or whenever i got a best friend incomming. Theres no use AT THE MOMENT if you are already level 40, but XP is still being counted above that point. So if they ever raise the level cap, you probably go up a bit instantly.
Throwing them away is definitely a waste. Id use them.

I’ve kept my lucky eggs hoping they raise the Level Cap. I still use them when I do a mass evolution.

I would use them during community day since I know I would be catching non stopped

I use them on occasion. I don’t like dumping them cause you never know when they’ll increase the levels.

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The possibility of raising the level ceiling was my reason for keeping them in the first place. By now, though, I wonder what possible basis there could be for them to do that, and I wonder if they haven’t waited too long to make that change. The first wave of maxed-out trainers has been level 40 for, what, something like 4 or 5 years now?

well the game released less than 4 years ago so not that long. But yeah, its been a while. Im already 3 times level 40 myself, and i know of ALOT of people who have more. Any increase in level would probably be purely cosmetic. I doubt they would let you power up your pokemon further.

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To be fair, they’ve repeatedly stated they have no intention of raising it when asked. Still, I hang on to them because I just know that once I get rid of them, they will change their minds. lol

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Use them every time you play, don’t dump them

What about that John Hanke plan trip thing like 2 years ago…

Yeah, I remember that. After that interview, they’ve since stated that they have no plans to increase it. Unfortunately, they have since repeated that it’s not in the plans. :frowning:


Didnt know that, thanks for the share.
Makes sense though that Niantics CEO would say something opposite the direction of the company…

Can we talk about if people are happy it’s at 40?
For one, I am… I’m 1.15 million away from level 40 and its gonna feel great when I get there, around 5 years of playing, mostly on, but on and off recently :pensive:. It’s a far but obtainable goal, and another level with millions of xp more to get will just set new players off (and mid-game players)

Honestly? I think the time to raise it has passed. As you can see in this thread, the XP keeps counting and a lot of people have a ton of it beyond lv40. If they raised it, a large portion of the active community will instantly hit max level anyway. lol

If anyone has seen Brandon Tan’s twitter account, he claims to have 999 million xp, and it’s been stuck there for a while now, I’d say 999,999,999xp is max.

Makes xp kinda useless if they never increase the levels.

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