Dual weather conditions?

Just opened the game and noticed that the landscape shows rain, but the cloudy weather bonuses are in effect. Has anyone else seen this?

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By logic, hihi, I have never seen rain without being cloudy…
No, excuse the bad joke, no idea what’s happening in this weather-system.

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I hope in the future we stack weather conditions e.g cloudy and windy or foggy and snowy

Has happened to me. Usually when it goes from cloudy to rainy.

I have found the weather bonus laggs a little behind the actually weather as it is still being updated by the weather apps it uses

Apparently this is a false detection of weather. (Great for capturing Pokemon though.)

Yeah, the weather was correct for the first few days, but now it’s been either delayed or incorrect. For example, the game says partly cloudy when there’s not a cloud in sight

Yes. I had a frustrating point where it was foggy and snowy and I kind of wanted both, but the game insisted on partly cloudy …

Delays or errors in the weather condition is not an issue with the game it is only as good as the information that Niantic draws from since they rely on a weather service. I’ve noticed the weather conditions seem to update hourly so I speculate that Niantic is using the hourly forecast to generate the in game conditions.

Dual conditions would be fun, but I think everything will be dependent on how the weather service labels the condition at a given time.


This does happen occasionally. I’ve gotten cloudy and rainy effects at once, even though the game only said that it was rainy.


Today i had both snow and rain in game, although there was no snow…