Dratini Invasion!

I ended up with 3 Shiny Dratinis, a ton of regular Dratinis, and evolved a 2600+ CP Dragonite, so I’m pretty happy. How did everyone else fare today?

Yeah I got two low iv shinys. Also evolved my dragonair that has been chilling for like a year. Because dratini is extremely rare by me. 2603 cp Draco meteor so I’m happy.

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Yeah you’re right, they are really rare. I don’t think I’ve caught one since 2016 lol so this was much needed.

I evolve a Shiny Dragonite with 2867 CP, with Steel Wing and Draco meteor

For people who are somehow strapped for Dratini candy now: I’d suggest you visit your local gyms and start feeding the Dragonite people are showing everywhere.


Yeah I’m sure they’ll be a hot commodity everywhere, especially after today. I ended up with close to 200 Dratini candies but they will run out and will be hard to find in the future unless an event like this happens again.

2 shinies, one of the shinies is lvl 27 82% and caught a regular lvl 28 84%. 228 candy obtained and got my collector Draco Dragonite

one shiny but my daughter got it so im happy. it was nice to see people out and lures everywhere that never happens where I live.

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Yeah, I noticed that too. When I was downtown in my city, lures were literally everywhere! I haven’t seen that since the app was first released. It goes to show that the game is still going strong, which is a great sign.

i also noticed lots of people staring at their phones stopping at near the five stops we have. Plus the other kicker was me and my daughter got to do a raid together, a level one maagicarp but we did it together so whatever.

I got 5 shiny dratini, evolved 2. Both over 3000cp now. Also managed to power a 98% to level 30

Nothing like some father/daughter bonding time!


I caught 203 Dratinis, 10 of which were shiny (one with IV 87) and one of the “normal” ones was 100% IV. We were extremely lucky that out event was weather boosted (wind).
Also used the occasion for a successful Kyogre raid. Happy :slight_smile:

203!? Wow, impressive!

I (surprisingly) barely caught any Dratini because I was just shiny checking the whole 3 hours. It worked, leaving me with an insane amount of Shiny Dratini but not a lot of candy

Thx, I was in a park area in Darmstadt / Germany (Herrngarten) and it was so crowded that I basiscally did nothing but aim and throw for the full 3 hrs. Kid was in a different area and “just” caught about 40 with 3 of them shiny, so I chose a good location, I guess.