Dragon Gold Badge

Hey guys, where is the best place to catch dragon type Pokémons? I still have silver as my badge, and as a result, my catch rate of latias/latios is consequently decreased. I need to get the good badge to get a better catch rate. Thanks for your replies in advance!

None of them nest, so it comes down to luck

best advice is to go out in windy weather and hope for the best. Dratini seem to show up most for me around water. Even then they are rare


There’s a large river near me that was a water biome with what I would call a permanent dratini spawn point. The area would spawn a dratini about once every half hour, I would suggest finding a large water biome as well as the area now seems to spawn a lot of bagon

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They should add an event with more Dragon Type Pokémon appearing (for example with Chinese New Year), like Dratini, Bagon, Trapinch, Swablu (Altaria = Dragon) and Horsea (Kingdra = Dragon) or something.


They did, it was called community day #2 :stuck_out_tongue: Really helped me with that medal.

I think one of the reasons I’m only 1-6 on catching Latios, is I don’t have the gold Dragon badge yet. I think the main reason is I’m uncoordinated on throwing a decent curve ball. My son doesn’t have the badge either but he’s 4-6 on catching Latios.

I don’t think it’s the reason.
I have Gold Badges for every type and my Latias catch ratio is terrible. well below all other Legendary.
I think the pair of mini Dragons are just A-holes.

I’ve already accused them of being Aholes but I figured it was par for the course. Kyogre was just as hard to catch as Latios, so whatever, Venom and Carnage can just attack whoever gets in their way.

I actually meant an event with more Dragon Types (not only Dratini) appearing

Kyoge frustrated me, Latias has made me angry.

Lucky you :laughing:

Looking forward to something like that :+1:

Its the year of the dragon in 2024… So maybe then.