Draconius GO is growing. Let's talk about it

I know this is an unusual topic and not the first of its kind, but I’m truly fascinated with some of the smart game play mechanisms in Draconius GO. From wild Pokemon creature encounters to artifacts, this game has a lot of it going on.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it will grow / die out? It’s currently around 450k downloads both iOS and Android, steadily growing week by week. It’s not an explosive growth like Pokemon GO had, but it’s not a slouch either.

Btw, checkout https://critical.gg/draconius-go/ if you’re playing Draconius, we’re on the line with Elyland and we publish up-to-date creature stats and data there.


I haven’t played it. At the very least I hope it forces niantic to improve their game. Some of the YouTube videos I’ve seen it looks almost identical to pogo. It does have a lot of the features pogo players have been asking for since it came out and some additional stuff. Apparently they have already banned a lot of spoofers and they have made the game easier for rural players


I doubt Niantic will use Elyland’s anti-cheating features, they’ve already proved that they don’t really care/Spoofing isn’t Niantic’s number 1 priority. They’ll probably adapt Rural gameplay, add PvP and maybe quests.

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I downloaded Draconius Go and I have to say that I greatly prefer Pokémon Go. The fact that the stops, or pillars, and everything else are not at landmarks is very annoying. The pillars are placed in random, inaccessible locations unlike Pokémon Go which are usually easily accessed. Also, I posted one of my creatures in a library and after it defended for 120 hours I was rewarded with the equivalent of a “use it or lose it” TM. Overall, DraGo is not as good of a game, in my opinion, as other people have said, but if it improves it could pose as serious competition to Pokémon Go.


Just die draconius. Its a realy bad copy


You were right about quests, yay!

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It’s actually decent

I tried it. It is a more than blatant copy but it actually does some things better than PoGo. Still, I don´t want to engage in multiple of those games, especially in two so similar so this was deleted quite quickly.
I am looking forward to trying out Ghostbusters or Harry Potter, however - if they manage to attract a decent sized community.

Some ideas of DraGo are good, but the most not

  • Draconius Go
  • Pokemon Go

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Which one do you think is better?

Draconius is just a bad copy

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I’m just basing it on features, and I think Draconius Go has better features so I’m picking Draconius Go

Wha are “good features” of draconius?

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Nothing. Only the Artifacts should be imported to PoGo and that’s everything

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Quests,PvP,and better Pokestop (Pillars),but Pokémon GO has a better gym system

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How are pillars better?

I ment in terms of distribution

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