Draconius Go can help Niantic to boost rural play in Pokemon Go

Niantic should take the help of Draconius go in making the Pokemon Go a better game for rural players specially in India. Niantic should take the location coordinates of pillar of abundance and different arenas of Draconius go to make those locations pokestop and/or gym which help them making the game more playable to rural players.

My area in Pokemon go
But in other game it has a decent number of pillars and arenas


Pokéstops & gym submissions have a strict set of guidelines that need to be followed & at this point can only be submitted / accepted via Ingress (https://support.ingress.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006219487-Operation-Portal-Recon - portals accepted in Ingress then become corresponding pokéstops in PoGo).
There was a submission section on the PoGo site but last I checked they were not accepting new submissions.
I’m not sure if Draconius Go have the same requirements hence more Pillars & Arenas.