DPS and EPS Formula

I found this definitions in Internet:

DPS: Damage per second, is an indicator to look how powerful and efficient the move is to beat another Pokemon in Gym battles. The higher the DPS of the move is, the more powerful the move is.

EPS: Energy per second, is an indicator assigned to fast moves, to look how quick the fast move can fill the energy bar spent for using charge move.

Well, up to here everything clear (at least I think it has to be), but…

In Gym battles it seems, that the only attack which really moves to a win are the charged moves with their energy bar. As much DPS has the normal move, it doesn’t take away much energy from your enemy.

So really interesting seems to be the relation between EPS AND DPS. Other way to say the relation between the force which has a charged move and the time I need to recharge this move.

Because, for what I have seen, I need to use the charged move several times to put down my enemy. So, a rapid recharged move is more effective than a slow one, for much more damage the second one makes.

The question is, do I have to apply a new formula which takes in account the two things (DPS and EPS) or is the EPS included in the value of DPS?

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Perhaps damage per energy for fast moves and energy spent per damage for charged moves.

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