Does throw accuracy matter?

As the title, does making an excellent throw improve the chances that the Pokémon is caught? I understand you get more XP for a better throw, but does the chance of securing the Pokémon increase the better the throw?


I always believed so.


It does indeed. The percentages are varied, but there are thresholds. Curveballs also increase the catchrate.

Curveballs: 1.7x more effective
Nice Throw: generally 1.01-1.29x more effective, depending on the size (smaller size = higher catch bonus)
Great Throw: generally 1.3-1.69x more effective, depending on the size
Excellent Throw: 1.7-2x more effective, depending on size

You can use this calculator to give you an idea on how the final catch rate ends up:


Always try to make Great throws, those are easier then you think.

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Indeed they are. It’s not as stressful as Excellent throws and easy to practice with.

In the end, all that matters is the exact radius, there’s barely any difference bewteen the smallest great and largest excellent

I just throw it and pray


I like to think of it as Round Earth v Flat Earth.
We are being told it matters and given a heap of Math to make us believe the type of throw and berry matters.
When you play a long time and play more than one acct at a time over a long period of time you see stuff that makes you question how true that actually is? Most will just right these inconsistencies off as RNG or luck.

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It should matter, but I often catch a Pokémon the throw after I throw an Excellent throw, so it made me wondering.

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The time where I even doubt the authenticity of the throw bonuses is when the Pokemon inexplicably jumps out of the Poke Ball during the first shake. I’ve confronted Niantic about the issue, and have gotten three different versions why it happens. Best I can surmise is that it’s a lingering technical issue Niantic refuses to fix.

Very much food for thought here by the sound of it.

So my next question on this matter… does the ball type actually matter? Is an excellent throw with a pokeball better/the same as a nice throw with an ultra ball?

Ultra ball outside of the circle is as good as pokeball with infinitely small circle

And somehow the Pokemon with bad IVs are the worst to catch

Pokemon that are easy for Excellent throws:
Most legendarys
Kantoian Exeggutor
Alolan Rattata (to some degree)

These are just some of the Pokèmon, because I cant remember the hit circles for 400+ Pokèmon.


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Krabby, Turtwig, Onix, Sudowoodo. But, to be honest, it’s not that hard at all to make Excellent Throws. If I want I can make a lot of them.

Simple IT:
Theres proof in the code. So yes accuracy makes a difference. But theres also RNG in that code like @NotanotherKangaskhan says. So its prefectly logical for 5 curved excellents to break free and the normal curved to stay in.

Yes obviously the ball type matters… You can also see this by the colour of the circle. Sometimes its red on a pokeball, but that might turn orange/yellow/green on an ultra ball.

@Arem1771 The sakes are random. Has nothing to do with if you threw well or not.

HERE you can see a few tables and the effect normal, curved, nice, great, excellent, no berry, razz berry, golden razz berry and type medal (NOT gym medal, TYPE) has on your catch chances for legendary and EX-raids.

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That’s true for it jumping out before the first shake, after the first shake, and after two shakes. It jumping out half-way through the first shake was a bug introduced in the second major update of the game. I told Niantic about it, and they blame it on poor connection. So that one specific shake behavior is not random.

Just go for a great curveball. Its not worth going for excellent on most pokemon

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curveballs are great, they work on most pokemons