Does shadow work

For let’s go meltan special research, can I catch a shadow lileep from a rocket grunt and it count for a regular lileep catch to complete the research?

What’s the quest exactly?

Catch 2 lileep or anorith

I assume so. I don’t see why it wouldn’t count for the Research.


I know when I hatched an egg it didn’t work and trading doesn’t work.

That’s because that isn’t a Pokémon you have caught, but in this case, you do have to catch the Shadow Lileep, which makes me think it should count. It’s for sure worth trying.


Alright, thank you! Now I hope I can find team rocket with a shadow lileep before it ends. I have been trying to complete this task since November.


I’m quite shure it works, good luck.


I know catching shadow Aerodactyl and Omanyte worked for a different quest. When I had the Lileep/Anorith for the Meltan Quest, I believe I did catch shadow Lileep, but it was a bit of time ago so I don’t exactly remember.

Good luck!

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For the catch tasks, I’m pretty sure neither hatching nor trading has counted for me. But all catches have, including shiny, shadow, evolved forms, task rewards, and raids.

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